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Why should anyone be a victim of piles? Why does it happen to me and you? It is our

standing straight or erect posture that is the real cause of piles. Animals maintaining horizontal position almost never get piles. Unlike other passages in the body it is the anal passage that has to bear the greatest pressure and stress of the abdomen, lying as it is in the lowermost part of the abdominal cavity. A problem of this nature can never be eradicated, obviously - because of the vertical positioning of the human body. Apart from this natural cause, there are other causes also which results in piles:

•Irregular bowel habits

•Passing of hard stools

•Habitual sitting in toilet for long time

•Excessive straining at bowel movement


•Poor hygiene

•Improper food habits

It is well recognized that members of the same family have more chances of developing the disease. Persons having prolonged, irregular bowel habits and those consuming food containing less of fibre are more prone to develop piles. The excessive straining during stools over a long period of time pushes the rectal and anal venis with its mucous covering towards the anal canal resulting in the formation of piles.

Those persons who travel long distance frequently and also those who change their place of living frequently are likely to develop piles.

It is an accepted fact that constipation causes piles, but it is also true that piles results in constipation!!-thus it is a vicious circle of "piles-constipation-piles."

Frequent visits to toilets, excessive use of laxatives and when such measures fail use of fingers as a last resort are all signs of developing piles or its presence. Complicated piles can produce difficulty in urination more so in middle aged and elderly men. It is not rare to find patients diagnosed to have enlarged prostate gland also having piles, which may truly be the cause of the disturbed urination. Major surgery of the prostate can be avoided by taking the simple treatment for piles. 

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