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There is no known medication, be it a pill, tonic or applicant that would ensure complete cure of piles. Of course, there are some allopathic and ayurvedic medications which are usually given.

But these give temporary symptomatic relief only and they never tackle the root cause. One should remember that the disease continues to grow inside irrespective of the presence or absence of the symptoms. Thus the use of medications and postponement of the treatment only results in the disease progressing inside.

Thanks to the developement of medical technology and presistent research on safe and effective treatment for piles-which has now yielded a simple and effective treatment procedure. Such a treatment causes little discomfort; no hospitalisation is usually done and no general anesthesia administered. Yes! You can return home the same day after this simple treatment! The treatment procedures used are: Sclerotherapy, Cauterisation, Rubber band ligation, Cryo surgery, Haemorrhoidectomy, Closed Haemorrhoidectomy etc., These numerous method of treatment for piles means disease of piles can itself be of varying in nature and presentation. The treatment procedure is carefully selected by the PROCTOLOGIST-based on the individual appearance and extent (degree) of the disease. Now one should be able to begin a good morning with a good motion!! and ensure a happy day.

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