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Dr. T.V. Ramesh Piles Hospital is a highly recognized exclusive Proctology Center. Dr. T.V. Ramesh(M.B.B.S., M.S, F.I.C.S.,) Proctologist has dedicated his service to proctology (diseases of the anus and rectum) since nearly thirty five years. He recognized the absence of a specialist clinic for patients suffering with Piles, Fissure, Fistula etc.. And hence a hospital dedicated to the proctological problems field was started. His vision of an exclusive hospital for Proctology has greatly helped numerous suffering patients of Piles, Fissures and Fistulas over the last thirty four years, and has contributed extensively to the development of better care of patients with these problems. The need for a day care surgery was felt and has been implemented in this hospital thirty five years ago.

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Piles is just a mass of dilated and tortuous veins that occur in the anal canal. Simple fact and surprising, isn't it?
These dilated veins arise from under the mucous membrane in the lower rectum. They form a mass containing several branches of veins which descend down the anal canal giving rise to piles. it is these dilated veins that causes pain, bleeding and other discomfort at the anus.
Such piles may be external (Present and visible at the anus) or internal (within the anus and required internal examination to confirm its presence) to the anal orifice.

Symptoms of Piles:
-Pain at anus
-Bleeding in stools.


A "fissure" is an elongated ulcer in the long axis of the lower anal canal. "Fissure-in-Ano"(the medical term) is a disorder when a fissure or ulcer occurs on the anal verge. This causes excruciating pain and/or bleeding while passing motion. The pain may last for few minutes or may persist for few hours or may be present throughout the day.
You can see how a Fissure grows with this animation. Further below is a list of pages that will help you understand Fissure better.

Symptoms of Fissure in ano:
-Pain during passing of stools
-Bleeding in stools.


A "Fistula in Ano" is a track, lined by granulation tissue, which connects internally the anal canal or rectum with externally the skin around the anus. It usually results from an anorectal abscess, which bursts spontaneously or was opened surgically. This track once formed does not heal on its own and causes recurrent infection, discharge of pus, bleeding, pain, itching, fever etc. such a fistula needs surgical intervention.
You can see how a Fistula grows with this animation. Further below is a list of pages that will help you understand Fistula better.

Symptoms of Fistula in ano:
-Pain in anal area
-Swelling near anal area
-Pus discharge